How to plot a graph (say pie chart) in a Nav 2009 R2 report

Greetings Experts,

I have a report that counts and gives total number of Football (20), Basket ball(35), Creket(45), Volley ball(50) and others(12). Now i want to represent these numbers in bracket on a pie chart on the report. I am using Nav 2009 R2 classic with sql server. Can anyone give me some help on this?


Is there anyone who can help me on the above topic? I haven’t received any response fro any? Is is impossible to do?

Not possible in classic reports.

You would have to generate a bmp externally in a special tool and load that at runtime to print it

How do generate as bmp externally and what is this special tool one can use? Any pointer?

Google is your friend!

“How to generate a pie chart as bmp”

I’m sure you find the answers there:

as an example: