How to place a custom report in Shortcuts - NAV 4.0 SP1

Need to know how to place a report in Shortcuts. The report is a custom report (actually, just a customer statement modified) located in the 50000 range.

I want to use this report as a default but I cannot find the Report Selection for Customer Statement. Went to Administration, Application Setup, Sales & Marketing, Report Selections. The Usage drop down box lists everything but Customer Statement.

Thanks for your help!


Add your new report to its place in regular menu, where appropriate and than, just create shortcut from that place.

After we upgraded from 2.0 to 4.0 I couldn’t find a lot of reports, what used to be in sales and receivable reports, was now in financial management → cash management → reports, so I made a menu just for reports, now all reports our company uses can easily be found on one menu. If someone finds they need something that is not on that menu it is easy to add it. And all the custom reports, like your statement can be found easily also. Then the users can add to there own shortcuts the reports they use most often.

I see two questions here.

1/ the actual one - how to add a reprot to a short cut whichis expalined by Phenomenen

2/ Reading between the lines it seems like you want this to be the standard report for customer statement. In this case I don’t think there is a standard report for Customer statement. The deault Slaes docuemnt setup is used so that speciic reports can be used during processing, such as Post and Print. But thre is no where that you would call a custmer statement in this way. Maybe you had a mod in your old ssytem, and it was not brought accross.

If you are looking for the place the report is actually located in Navision 4.0

it is in Financial Management → Receivables → documents → customer statement.

If you simply want to make this reference your statement, open the Navigation pane designer and change the report number to your number

Thank you for the quick replies!

I tested my login (Superuser) and the correct modified customer statement form printed that is located in the 50000 range. Next I login’d in as the user in question and ran the same routine. The user defaults to the 10000 range document. This is the incorrect form.

I may have stated “report” but I meant “document”. The document is what needs to be used as the default.

The form is found in Financial Management, Receivables, Documents, Customer Statements.


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Found out one of the issues…

In the Navigation Pane, we have new catagories to reduce the amount of areas to lessen confusion and secure areas. I was looking at an old (default) catagory, placing the correct report in the old catagory and compiling. When I restarted the program login’g on as a different user (the one who needed the different report selection), the old catagories do not appear for the user. Therefore, I was going crazy trying to figure out why Dynamics NAV was broke. Once I discovered the default catagory held the report, I inserted the report in the new catagory and bingo, it appeared!

Thanks for all the support in this issue, guys.