How to perform record filtering for multiple range

Hi guys , I am using QueryBuildRange class to perform the filtering query on the record from the table. I made use of setRange method to filter the record. Is there any way of performing record filtering query of more than 1 range.[?] If i am not wrong, addRange() method is allowed me to pass in only one field/range. Your urgent reply is needed. Thank you. Rgds, AC Ooi

AIK CHONG OOI, QueryBuildRange - what is this? What are you developing in?

I am currently developing on a pricing module for one of my client using Axapta 3.0. QueryBuildRange is simply a class that handle the query record based on the certain range of columns or fields in the table. Am i correct?

AIK CHONG OOI, I think you’ll find you’re in the wrong Forum! This is the Navision (Attain/Financials) - Developer Forum. Erik, could you move this topic please!

Sorry guys. by the way, where is Axapta forum? pls advise. thanks.

Click on User Forum up the top of this page (next to Microsoft Business Solutions User Group) and then scroll down the page and you’ll see the Axapta group of forums (I think there’s three). Maybe Erik will move this to the right forum?! [?]