how to pass varible values from class to form.


I am calling one form through my dialog class.In which I am passing few varible values to the form via parm methods .I am calling tht parm methods in init method in the form but iam not able to get the values.

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thanks in advance :slight_smile: EEnnjjOOyyy


Is it NAV?

Can you show the code how you are calling and OnInit trigger? Did you try to move the code in OnInit to OnOpen form?

I am calling formโ€™s init() method from run method in dialod class.Here i hav to pass the values of few variable to form.

formrun.init() ;;


wht is NAV?


I think the args class can help you to get parms passed to you form, you shoul call it in your formโ€™s init() method

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hi Thomas

Dude thnks for ur words.

Here i hav created an object of my class in forms inti method to call parm methods to get the values of class avaribales.

like classname object;

But As i intialize it with the class name new object is created and i lost the variable values. Bcoz new object holds the new copy of variables.

like object = new classname( );

transdate frmDate = object.parmfromDate( ); // here method parmfromDate use to return frmDate .

I tried with the Args caller method but i dont knw hw exactly it is sappose to use. :stuck_out_tongue:

dude can u explain further how exactly i should Args class in my forms init methods.

thanks :slight_smile:

Ganesh sahane

Hi ganesh,

For example, in your class, in a run or main method:

Args args;
FormRun formRun;
args = new args();
formRun = classFactory.formRunClass(Args);

in your form, add an init() method:

yourParm = element.args().parm();

see the following link to Axaptapedia, it also works with classes:



Hi ganesh,

u can use arg function for passing the values from one form to another form ;


args args;


new Menufunction(menuitemoutputstr(u r menu name),menuitemtype::Output).run(args);

if u have more than one values to pass

then u can use the temperory table and store the values in it and pass that table


Dhinu vasudevan.

Hi Dhinu

I hav to pass the argument from class to form. :slight_smile:




Dear Thomas Its working.Thnaks a loottTT :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Ganesh B Sahane