How to pass multiple selected records by checkbox from One form to Another Form?

Hi Friends,

I have FormA which has TableA and TableB,I want to select multiple records using checkbox in TableB and pass those records to FormB which has TableC. Here I am calling FormB using MenuItemButton. Do the needful.

Set TableB as the data source of the menu item button.

In the caller form, get the record from element.args().record(). Call datasource() method on the record to get the caller data source and use MultiSelectionHelper class to iterate all selected records. Then do whatever you like with them.

I got the Selected records in FormB. But, I dont want to save the record in the TableC. Initially I want to Show the selected records in FormB grid. After Showing the Record in FormB Grid then I want to save those records in TableC by using Button Click.

And what’s the problem? You don’t know how to insert records to AX tables or what?

If your form B has Table C as datasource and if you dont want to save the records initially, the how will you show those records in the form B?

You could use a temporary table for showing those records in form B and in the button click save those records from temporary table to the table C.

Yes I have completed using Temporary Table.