How to pass multiple records selected using a check box to another form inD365

Hi all,

I hav a FORM A with Table A,Table B.

In the grid of table B, i will select multiple records using Checkbox field . i hav menubutton oveer the grid which will open FORM B with Table C…

i need to pass the records of table B to Form B . please help

What is the data source of the checkbox? A table field? An edit method storing some values in a Set? Or something else?

The Datasource of checkbox is Table B. Its a Noyes Enum in which they will select the rows in hte grid using that checkbox.

Is TableB a persistent or temporary table?

If persistent, then your designs seems wrong to me, because it won’t work in multi-session environment, but you don’t need and passing between forms at all. You’ll simply select from database records that have the field checked.

If it’s a temporary table, set the data source to DataSource property of the menu item. In FormB, you’ll probably want to have TableB a a data source and use the temporary data set you’ve just received from FormA. How to do it depends on the type of temporary table (I could have given you more details if you described your situation). You’d just apply a query range for NoYes field. Alternatively you could write a select statement against the received buffer, select just checked records and run any kind of logic you want.