How to pass large parameter to sql stored procedure


I’m trying to pass a large text parameter to SQL stored procedure (where it declared as NVARCHAR(MAX) )

I do the following:

paramHistoryTempList := myADOCommand.CreateParameter(’@HistoryTempList’,200,1,1024,HistoryTempList);

where HistoryTempList is BigText

And get error like this:


This data type is not supported by C/SIDE. You can access data from any of the following data types: VT_VOID, VT_I2, VT_I4, VT_R4, VT_R8, VT_CY, VT_DATE, VT_BSTR and VT_BOOL


If i trying to pass a variant, like

varHistoryTempList := HistoryTempList;

paramHistoryTempList := myADOCommand.CreateParameter(’@HistoryTempList’,200,1,1024,varHistoryTempList);

I get the same error

I’m working with NAV5

Could anybody tell me, how can I pass a large text to my stored procedure?