how to pass int value from form to class when clicking menuitembutton

I need answer for this sir.

I created return type method in form, in class i am passing the menuitembutton for calculation,

now how i get the integer values in class from form

Can explain your scenario once more? I don’t understand what “passing the menuitembutton for calculation” means.

simple calculation program
In class i’ll hardcore two values and get the result in info
for that i created an action menuitem, using the form menuitembutton i make calculation add,sub… for that hardcore values inside the class,
now i need to get these two values runtime and show the result inside the form like
valueA : ___
valueB : ___
Result : ___
[add] [sub] [mul] [div]

(in result i need to show the value when clicking add, sub, mul, div button)

You don’t don’t “make calculations using menuitembutton”. It doesn’t make sense - menu items are just references to other objects.

If you want your form to call the class, why don’t you simply create an instance of the class and call its methods?

Ok i’ll try that way…
Thank you Martin.