How to pass constant values to SSRS RDP

Hi I have an SSRS built with RDP. I have 2 date parameters which is needed in the query of SSRS report… How do I get the entered value of date so that I can add a parameter based on the 2 date parameter…How can I set default values to show for parameters upon build of UIBuilder class…

To get your data contract, call this.parmDataContract() in processReport() (in the RDP class).

To initialize the parameters, let your contract implement SysOperationInitializable interface. To initialize them always (i.e. not using previously saved values), use SysOperationAlwaysInitializeAttribute .

public class myContract implements SysOperationInitializable
FromDate fromDate;
ToDate toDate;
int myConstantParam;

DataMemberAttribute(‘My Constant Param’),
public int parmConstant(int _passMyConstantValue = myActualConstantValue)
myActualConstantValue = _passMyConstantValue;
return myActualConstantValue;

public void initialize()
//for example
myConstantParam = 20;

Am I doing it right? I still get the previous input value displayed

You can’t set SysOperationAlwaysInitializeAttribute for individual members, because the framework can’t initialize them one by one. All it can do is calling initialize method (where you might be initializing many parameters). Therefore the attribute must be set on the class, not on the method.

I have found exactly what I’m looking for setting default values to show on parameters’ dialog…

What I did is create a menuitem function and point it to the controller class… The controller class will call the report.,and the rest is in this link……/


You can examine system class,
2 Date Parameters for “BankAccountStatementContract” and “BankAccountStatementDP”

– BankAccountStatementContract => parmFromDate and parmToDate method

– BankAccountStatementDP => calculateOpeningBalanceForBankAccount - processReport method

Query = > BankAccountStatement

Doing it in a controller class is possible, but if the logic belongs to the contract, the rules of object-oriented design told us that it should be encapsulated in the contract class. That’s also why Microsoft prepared SysOperationAlwaysInitializeAttribute, so it can be done almost without any work.