How to pass all the records from grid to caller class?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if it is possible to pass all the records in grid to my class(menuitembutton)? Just need to get all the record automatically when clicking the button without selecting/marking the records.



What you mean by “all the records in grid”? Please realize that the grid shows just a few records. For example, you have a table with 10000 records, 100 meet the criteria defined by the query and only 20 are displayed in the grid at time. If you want all those 100 records, stop thinking about particular form controls (such as grids). Use the query object instead.

Hi Martin,

Yes you are correct. I just need to get all the records displayed in the grid. How can I pass it to args? is it possible?

I know how to get all records currently loaded to the datasource, but not how to to get those currently displayed in the grid (which depends on current height of the form etc.).

I don’t think it’s possible, but I’ve never tried it - I’ve never met any situation where it would make sense.

Thanks for your inputs Martin. If it is not possible then maybe I should look for another way or solution to my Issue.

I still can’t imagine any situation in which your requirement makes sense. Could you please broaden my horizons by explaining your case to me?