How to override a method in a grid?

Hi, I would like to know how to override a method in a grid, for example the filter method or the inputSearch method. I don’t when this methods are called and what I kind of code I can put into. Thanks… Vince

Hi Vince, in the project right click on the methods node of the grid, and on the pop-up menu mouse over the override, and it will display all methods that you can override. Once you click on the desired method, the code editor will open up with this method, which will only have super(); in there. Super(); calls the “vanila” functionality of a particular method. So now you have to think weather you need to call it or not. And if you do, then when do you call it : before you execute your custom code or after, or in the middle of your custom code… Lot’s of decisions to make. HOpe that helps. vlad.

I can override a “click method”, it functions. But for the filter method it doesn’t work. Just for making a test I have put in the method (the filter method) a “print” but when I launch my grid and when I use the filter command there is no message on my screen. Why?

It seems that I also cannot overwrite the Filter and the inputSearch methods. I tried to do so in the grid, in the group where the grid is located, and on the data source (only the filter method here). I removed the Super(); call but no luck … the filter and the search work as if I have not changed anything. What is even worse is that the Search functionality is nothing but a Filter on the selected/active filed. After I “search”, the Remove Filter icon is activated and I only have the records that meet my “search”. Normally, I would expect that the search will position the view at the first record it finds!!!