How to open text file with the help of button under any form in Ax 2012

I have one text file(Notepad) put under resources node in AX 2012 AOT. Now, my task is to open this file with the help of button under any form.

Above link is helpful when creating temporary file for writing or reading. Also, there is a form in AX 2012 named “smmdocuments” in which we can put text files of our use and we can open that file easily from there. I have researched and found that there is a class named “DocuAction” in AX 2012 to perform operations with text files. But i am unable to understand how that thing is working. Any help will be appreciated!!!

I got it working as:

void clicked()



str sTempPath,

sFileName = “notes.txt”;

SysResource::saveToTempFile(SysResource::getResourceNode(resourceStr(mytextfile)), false, “notes.txt”);

sTempPath = WinAPI::getTempPath();