How to open RTC with developers licence?

Hi all, when i make remot conneciton to one our clients i can not open the page. I can open the classic by changing the licence but i don’t know how can i do it in RTC, can anyone tell me how can i open RTC with the licence i want?

You have to do it from classic only .

Thank you for the answer Amol. What i understand from the answer is that if i make some developments in a page, i may not be able to see them. I believe this is a big deficiency for RTC…

When you create or modify a page, you always need a developer license. You always do this for a customer, so you always have to make sure that the pages work with the customer license. If you modified a page that you can’t see with the customer’s license then how will THEY see those changes?

The way that this works in the RTC simply forces you to do it right, and I don’t see any problem with it.

I believe i could’t express myself clearly. For example our customer has 5 NAV user and it’s all being used by them. I can modify the page by getting in to the system by beeing the 6th user with my licence but i can not see how does it look or test it correctly because i can not open the page i modify by my license. I rather see my mistakes before the customer does, and this is a problem in my opinion.

I would suggest create a test database and test the functionality on the test server and then deploy on live server.

I hope you are not saying you are doing development work in the production database… ALL development needs to happen in a separate database.

You develop in the development database, using your developer license, then you load the customer license into the development database to test, and then you release the object for customer testing, and after THAT is approved it gets loaded into production.

I have my answer, thank you guys both for the replies…