How to open a Pdf file with Username and password .

Hi All ,

I am using D365 environment.

I have a requirement when i am opening a generated XML file from the location i specified.

It should ask for popup username and password,if it is validated it should open else it shouldn’t open.

Can anyone suggest me is this feasible ? if yes can you guide me how to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


Muralimohan G

Can you be a more specific, please? Who will be opening the file and how and from which location? Can’t you use Azure Active Directory for authentication?

Also, why you have PDF in the title if you talk about XML in the body?

Hi Martin,

Thank you for your reply,

Sorry its XML file.

We are sending payment journal document to customer/vendor over email as a XML file ,

once customer / vendor opens the file, system should ask for password for authentication this functionality i should build.

Kindly advice,how i can i achieve this functionality in D365.


MuraliMohan G

Let me rephrase it. You send somebody an encrypted text file as an email attachment and you want all user’s email clients prevent the user from reading the text file unless he provides a user name and password? It’s not possible; the user already has the file and he can read it.

You could encrypt the file, but decrypting it wouldn’t require user name. When talking about user name, you must mean users of some kind of system that you forget to mention. All I can say so far is that the system will be able to authenticate users based on user name and password, stored who knows where.

If users must be authenticated by an external system before they can access the file, sending the files to them is the ultimate flow of your design. You should give them just a link where they can download the file, after they’re successfully authorized to do it.