How to Multiselect records using checkbox?

Hi Friends,

I want to select Multi-Records without pressing CTRL button. Is it Possible?

Please refer below link. I want to display like this. Do the needful.…/DSSelect04.png


have a look at the following link :

hope it helps, please verify solution if it solves your problem



The picture shows an out-of-the box grid in AX2012. No customization would be needed there. Unfortunately here you forgot to add a tag with your version of AX, nevertheless I noticed this missing piece of information in your duplicate thread on another forum.

Because you’re in AX 2009, you have to add a checkbox your to grid by yourself. You can, for example, bind the checkbox to an edit method and maintain a collection of RecIds of the selected records. Or, if applicable (especially if the data source is a temporary table), you might be able to add a field directly to the table.