how to modify the values after Salesorder Invoice in AX2009

Dear all,

after invoice i have changed Transaction date in the below tables as per the user request

  • CustInvoiceJour
  • CustInvoiceTrans
  • LedgerTrans

now we are facing a problem that we are unable to see the invoiced voucher in the inquiries button of Salesorder from

path : Account receivable << Common forms << Sales orders << Inquiries << Invoice

could you please help on this…

Have you updated the invoice date in \Data Dictionary\Tables\CustInvoiceSalesLink?

You may also need to update the date in customer related tables, custTrans, custTransOpen…

and item related tables, inventTrans… make sure it wont result in any data inconsistency…

thanks kranthi…

now its working fine.

could you please clarify my queries

1)Is it enough or we need to change any other tables so that this modification will not raise to data corruption

  1. can we reverse the transaction after invoicing ( i.e Salesorder status from Invoice to Deliver ) through x++ apart from credit note
  1. For changing any data in table (which is not suggested), you should first understand the data model

  2. try by putting the -ve qty in deliver now and post the invoice

Thanks Kranthi,

it was of great help…