How to modify the html file of a report

Hi, folks. There is a customer who always has to save the Aged Accounts Receivable report as an html file. Afterwards, they will add some texts to the report. In order to do that, they must use Microsoft Excel. At this point, they have a problem with the program: it will not display the report appropriately. So, is there another way to allow the customer to modify the html file directly instead of using Microsoft Excel or any other problems? Or if not, is that by modifying the source codes of the html file will be the only way to go? Thanks in advance.

Hi Sylvia, Why not use one of the many (and cheap) HTML-editors that are commonly used for ordinary web design, e.g. Dreamweaver, Frontpage etc.? What is the reason that Excel “must” be used?

Heinz, I know what you are saying about the HTML editors, but the thing is that the customer didn’t know how to the html codes. That is simply why they have to use Excel.

OK, so it’s not a technical issue but instead one of user preferences and qualifications. [:p] Well, a decent HTML-editor will allow you to make simple up to intermediate changes without even seeing HTML code. You can edit tables in Dreamweaver just as if they were Excel tables, by adding, deleting, modifying and formatting rows and columns. No knowledge of HTML is necessary. If this is still not simple or comfortable enough for your customer and Excel doesn’t do the job properly, I’m afraid it will boil down to some programming. I’d recommend looking for some COM compliant HTML editing tool that will allow you to automate the process as far as possible. Unfortunately, I do not know about such a tool [xx(]

Hi Sylvia, Take a look at Jet Reports. You would have to re-write the report in Excel (but that wouldn’t be hard) and then Jet Reports can automatically generate the report at some pre-determined time (or on demand) and output the report to html. The only other way I can think of is to re-write the report and generate the HTML manually. [xx(]