how to modify packing slip form

PurchTable=>ButtonPosting=>PackingSlip when you click on packing slip then open the new form. so how to add the new field on this form i can’t add new field because of the this form is classs PurchFormLetter-PackingSlip.

Many steps are there.

Create One extended data type (Example field name Remarks)

  1. AOT–> Extended Data Type (Right Click)–> New → String (

  2. Add one field in Purparm table and link it to this new field

  3. Save It.

  4. Pull it into form PurchParmTableTotals --Design

  5. To save data in vendor packing slip journal table add one field in that table.

  6. and then change Initjournal method of PurchFormLetter_PackingSlip writing as follows

vendPackingSlipJour.Remarks = purchParmTable.Remarks;

It will save remarks while you are posting packing slip or GRN.