How to modify nad small corrections to report


We have requested our consultant to develop various reports. in some reports we need frequent changes, like change of column width, font etc. can i do correction to the report at my end. please share the path to open the report and do correction. please advice any one.


Whether you can make this kind of change will depend on your NAV license, specifically whether your license will allow you to edit the specific report you want to modify.

How you make those edits will depend on which version of NAV you’re using. Could you tell us which version you’re using?


We are using Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Ready version

Thanks for that information about your license. It’s a high-level bit, and doesn’t address the question of whether it will allow you to edit the reports you want to edit. To avoid a protracted dialog on the topic, your best approach for determining the ultimate answer to the question would be to try to open these reports in object designer and save some changes. If you get an error related to your permissions, then you either need greater credentials for you login account, or your NAV license doesn’t offer you the ability to make those changes. You might also ask your partner whether your license permits these types of changes.

As for how to actually do that, we’ll want to know which version of NAV (2009, 2013, 2015, etc.) you’re using.