How to modify/delete data?

I have tried to input an order but i didn’t put in the Currency Code. Now, the currency factor become 0. I have to modify this currency factor to another value or delete the existing order. I dont know hot to do this in the Navision table. Is there any way to do this???

Hi, You can change the Currency Code on Order screen even after creating Order. I assume you haven’t posted order.

I have already posted the order… However, i have tried to delete the data in SQL Server for shipment and invoice. It can be done. Any side effect for the program?

Do not delete data from SQl, instead reverse the invoice by using credit memo and the enter the correct invoice.


Any side effect for the program?

Well, you can delete your posted invoice and/or shipment. It does not harm the system. However, the customer ledger entries, item ledger entries etc. are not corrected by deleting the posted shipment or invoice. As suggested use the credit memo instead. If you have alredy deleted the posted invoice insert a credit memo and post exactly the same lines with the same qty’s/amounts. Do not forget to apply the entries against each other in the customer ledger entries.