How to manage Tools in the Asset Management module?

Hello everyone.
I need some help in setting (if possible on standard dynamics) a feature regarding the asset management module.
I will explain the entire procedure with an example.
I have a machine that produces a certain item. The shape of this item is given by a tool that is connected to the machine. The machine runs 24/7 but the tool can be changed depending on the customers requests. There are a lot of different tools that gives different shapes to the product and one tool can be used from one week to one month maximum and then has to be changed with another tool.
Each time the machine runs for 250-300hours and so the tool that is attached to that machine works for 250-300 hours there is the need to schedule a maintenance to check the status of the tool (in order to check if it is deteriorated, if it is in good condition, etc…).

Now, these are the questions:

First: I need to check how many hours that specific tool has worked in total across many production order. Is it possible to see it on the standard system? In which way?

Second: How can I schedule a repetitive maintenance request automatically each time the tool has been used for 250-300 hours?

Third: If the questions above are possible, is it possible to link this procedure to the production floor execution system, in order to manage these procedure from there without going into the system? (Like a worker that use only the production floor execution interface without entering the system)

Hope it is clear. I can add more explanation if needed.
Thank you in advance for any feedback you can offer me!

  1. In order to see the running time of the tool attached to the machine, you need to see if dynamics is integrated to your PLC/control system, in most machines the run hour parameter is available which keep track of run time of the machine, if the integration exists the number of running hours (run parameter) of the tool can be pulled into dynamics, once the run hours available in dynamics we can hard code 300 hours as a variable and make a routine to check if run hours is >= to multiple of 300 hrs. A work order can be generated if the condition is met. if there is no integration you will have to manually update the running time in dynamics in the entity based on the running hours shown on your PLC/control system.

  2. The repetitive maintenance request can be automatically scheduled by setting it up for preventive maintenance in asset management module.

Asset Management>Preventive maintenance >Maintenance plans.

You can set up a repetitive maintenance based on number of running hours and can have work orders generated automatically on completion of running hours.

3.The data from floor execution system usually goes to your ERP and not vice versa, the number of running hours are first generated in your floor execution system and if integration exits,are updated in dynamics automatically so yes the first part of seeing the running hours can be done on floor execution system without having to go into the ERP but the maintenance request can only be scheduled and work orders can only be generated in dynamics and not the floor execution system. Floor execution system/Control system are not meant for any preventive/corrective maintenance. Sending data back to FES/CS is not at all recommended. We should use the systems that are designed for specific tasks and should avoid using for some other intend specially the systems that runs the production.


Very thanks for your answer, you gave me what i needed! :smile: