How to Manage special "products" in Nav4 ??

Hi Guys! I have other questions ( it’s really great to get good ideas in this forum espeacially from experienced guys such as Steven and David and others for sure thanks again). I need to manage few things such as: Space allocation; promotion; Transparency; contributions… An agreement is sign with a supplier where all conditions are written: product that they buy ( ex: Transparency, space allocation,…); validity dates ( start and end dates); Bin number ( for space allocation) that they buy ; quantity ( units of transparency,…); Terms ( i.e: 50/50 means that our customer pay 50% of the invoice and the supplier or manufacturer pays the othe 50%), so terms are usually split between our customer and the supplier. We need to be able to: - Invoice the manufacturer or the supplier each month, after 3 months, or by year ( depending on the agreement). - We need to have a report that can show total cost to invoice per supplier for total stores ( as sometimes the supplier may have those products in different stores). Thank you to give me some inputs on that especially in terms of how to set up those "products " ( like items, resources, GL or items charges) and how to manage them in Navision.

Am I right if I guess that you are driving a warehouse and you do not “own” the goods ? Do you invoice the customer for the goods on behalf of the supplier ?

Hi Thomas! Yes some of those " goods" are mine such as Bins ( that are in several stores). So let say that, I sell those bins ( space allocation) for a certain period and base on the agreement that I have with the manufacturer I have to invoice hin once, twice or par year. Q: How do I set up that “good” and how do i manage that in Navision? Thanks

This is a quite complex situation as you are not really “selling” those bins but just selling the space which is allocated by the bin. What is the UoM you are invoiceing for such bins ? Is it an agreed price ? Is it a fixed price per m² ? Is it a price per m³ ? Did you consider creating your bins as resources which can be sold ? As soon as you create your bins as items you would have the need for a complete purchase process for your bins in the background. And in this case you can “sell” your bins only ones (which is definitely not what you want. What you actually need is a kind of “Rental Management”. You are renting out your bins for a certain period of time.