How to manage short quantity while creating product receipt note.

Manage shortage qty on GRN

If we raised a PO of 400 qty and receiving 100 qty on this
**we are receiving 95 qty physically and GRN on paper qty is 100.**Then how to manage shortage qty.

kindly suggest.

thanks in advance.

The GRN is your produced document or the vendors? You need to physically receive in 95 and tell the vendor it was 95.

First thing why do you want to book receipt as 100 when you received only 95.
Will you receive remaining qty later ?
Or it is that you received shortage and you cannot claim your vendor ? And consider it as a loss.

However, If you want to Post your product receipt as 100 quantity and show your physical quantity as 95. You cannot do that. But there is a work around. Post your product receipt as 100 qty. then create a movement journal with negative 5 quantity and offset account as Inventory Gain/Loss Account.

Samanth Aluvaka