how to manage and bill services (i.e. warranties)

Hi. Is there a simple way to manage services i.e. warranties that are sold together with my products? How do I bill services in general? It sounds like the services must be defined in the inventory. But when it comes to billing them I can’t just sell them off the inventory, can I? Does anybody know of a good “service manager add-on” for Axapta in case my questions cannot be solved with the regular version of the system? Thank you very much for your help. Nils

Hi Nils, For to comment whether you need a service manager add on, I need more info on your business process. Please note it is possible through standard Axapta to create Item type of service in stock/inventory management module. But I guess you would want to do much more than that. For instance, I do not know what type of product you are dealing with. So if you let me know your process in detail, may be I would be able to help you on this. That said, I would also like to highlight the following. If you are looking for Service Manager add on - In the next version of Axapta (ver 4.0), the main focus would be on PSA (Professional Service Automation) and MSO (Manufacturing Service Organization) area. A quote from Axapta Product Release Plan - … The product idea is to base Axapta PSA on existing modules CRM, HRM, Project and Service Management and integrate them more tightly to support Project and Service Business Process. Functionality such as Time and Expense will be added and to accommodate Project and Resouce Management, Axapta will be integrated to Microsoft Project 2002. … According to Microsoft, Verion 4.0 is scheduled for release in 2nd calendar quarter of 2004. So if possible, I would suggest to wait till Version 4.0. But if your requirements are urgent, then you may want to look at the offering from Connor Software ( Alternatively you might want to contact Tommy Christensen, Product Manager, Connor Software through email at Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu

Hi Harish, thank you very much for your comment. The product I am looking at sells with warranties and a free service that customers may claim within the first six months of the sale. If the customer returns the product for warranty purposes he is not to be charged, same thing for making use of the free service. I’d like Axapta to associate these two features with the product and to automatically handle the accounting for all possible cases that might occur within the first six months or the warranty period. Thank you for your information about the next Axapta version, which has been helpful. I will probably work around the problem using the item type service in the inventory module and wait for ver 4.0 Have nice weekend, Nils

Hi Nils. You can add a warranty as a service type item, linked to a document of the customers entitlements. We have used returns for warranty returns withouth the need for a service module. Very simple and effective. We have return codes for warranty, etc.