How to Make the Dimensions Mandatory in One form Only.

Hi experts,

One of my client is asking at the time purchase and transfer orders Need to use any dimensions, but at the time of at the time of Positive adjustment and Negative adjustmnet in Item journal required the dimensions mandatory.

Could you explain how to make it possible Dimension Mandatory InItem Journal Only.

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You can set Dim mandatory for Item, Location and so on, but not for specific type of transaction - in your case +/- Adjustments in Journal.

All transactions will hit ItemLedger - what you will do afterwards, when Item +Adj will have mandatory DimA value, but Purchases/Sales/Transfers/Consumptions etc etc may have DimA filled or empty?
When you do analysis by Dims, transactions with no Dim set will fall out, thus giving you incomplete data - that for “mandatoryness” is set at Item or at least Location level, but including ALL types of transactions with Item in question.

If you want to sort out Adjustments only - maybe Reason Code, which can be set with default value at Journal level is what can solve your requirement? (However, it can’t be set up as Mandatory, only Default - so user has the option to clear it out from Journal line)

u cant mention dimension for journals …i think so…

but u can specify in every chat of acc. card goto–> account -->click dimension ther u can give code,after that for every transaction its ill ask but u give as a code mandatory r specific code…

same as for item,customer and vendor