How to make the Actual Sales Tax equal to Calculated Sales Tax


Is there a parameter or some setup where you can make the actual sales tax always equal to calculated sales tax in AP invoice journal?


Hi Heylin,

I believe we don’t have a parameter for this. Can we know what is the reason for this requirement?

Usually you will update the actual tax only when it is different from the calculated tax.

Whenever tax is calculated, the calculated and actual sales tax amount are always same where you can override actual sales tax amount. In some cases, particularly when paying to authority, sometime authority has to pay more VAT amount then calculated as per invoice. One example i know is when you pay different vat than calculated is UK HM R&C.

When the invoice is posted in system, system considers actual sales tax amount. As per design, if the system is slow, sometime it happens that the actual sales tax amount is not calculated while calculated sales tax amount is updated. I remember there was small modification was done in code to update the actual sales tax amount instantaneously, and this is common issue.

Secondly, you can hide the calculated sales tax amount field from the user view and keep the actual sales tax amount field on journal but there is no such parameter.


On the invoice journal, the actual sales tax changes if you change the amount of the Vendor line. That should not change because my taxes should be based on the Ledger line and not on the Vendor.

System calculates tax based on ledger line only, if you are changing amount on vendor line, then tax shouldn’t be changed. Infact journal shouldn’t show tax amount for vendor line. Can you share screenshot of journal lines.


This was a development issue. Anyway, is there any setup that the Actual sales tax would NEVER be overriden?

There is no such setup. With minor development, you can change the property of form so that the particular field won’t be overridden or edited.