how to make table relation in unbound form?

hai… how to make tablerelation (look up field) in unbound form?

is it possible?

thanks for your answer

If by tablerelation you mean the ability to look-up to a set of related values for a field and to validate that the entered value is valid (i.e. exists within the related table) then you can do this using the OnLookup() and OnValidate() form triggers.

The Batch Name field on Form 39 is a good example of this. It uses methods from a codeunit GenJnlManagement to do the lookup and check the entered batch name. I am sure there are plenty of other examples but this is the one that first comes to mind.

form 39?

is it an unbound form? i thought it bound to gen. journal line table…

I thought you wanted to know how to programatically control the lookup and validation of a field rather than relying on the database table relation property. My mistake.

oh no , gaspode… by the way thanks for your help

I already find the solution for this problem

Maybe you can share this solution? You made many people curios about your problem, and someone tried to help you. Then it’s good manors to tell them what the real problem/issue and solution was.

i just using function

and then I add code in textbox like this

IF ListEmail =’’ THEN
ListEmail := GetEmail
ListEmail := ListEmail + ‘;’ + GetEmail;

so it looks like using assist edit…