How to make report Smart to pick appropriate job?

I have been working with NAV for about a month or so and my boss at work gave me this report to create. I am not really sure how to do it.

Process Description

A printable report is needed to show all data contained in the Job Card. This report must be

intelligent enough to discern which job card (IL, HVMP/ADP, ES, general) the specific job uses. This

depends on the program type assigned to the Job. Furthermore, the Job Card report should print

each job card tab into a separate section, containing the same fields and values as the latter. Each

job card details printed must begin on a new page.

The printing report will show each tab of the report as an individual section,

separated by a horizontal line. Each section should contain an entire tab’s worth of


i. The details of the sections are dependent on the type of Program the Job

belongs to. The following list shows which job card should be used to display

the section details of the job based on the Program field:

  1. Employment Services → ES Job Card

  2. Attendant Services → IL Job Card

  3. Acquired Brain Injury → IL Job Card

  4. Home and Vehicle Mod. → ADP/HVMP Job Card

  5. Assistive Devices → ADP/HVMP Job Card

  6. → Job Card

If the report includes multiple jobs, then each job should begin on a new page.

I have been able to make a each section contain an entire tabs’s worth of data. I am just not sure how to make it intelligent enough to discern which job card (IL, HVMP/ADP, ES, etc) specific job uses.

Any ideas or suggestions??