How to make Rename faster

The client insists on renaming 1000 item no. in a 70 GB database. According to our tests it would take about 1000 hours to complete. As there is not too much documentation on Rename, we are thinking of two possibilities to make the Rename run faster, and would like your comments on them: 1. Add indexes on Item No. to the Sales Invoice lines and so on… hopping that the Rename function will use them. 2. Run multiple processes in paralel, renaming different items from different clients, hopping to take advantage of the fact that the database resides on multiple physical drives. Not sure about locking problems here. Any other suggestions? Thanks, Carmen

Look for another topic in the same forum: Wow! renaming is fast in 3.70!!

I read that topic, but it looks like it only applies to the SQL database. My client uses the native database. Thanks.

Not True … I started the topic because I was using the Native C/Side DB. Are you in 3.7?

Thank you John. I was misslead by a comment on that topic. The customer is in 3.6. We can try upgrading to 3.7. However, I would still like to know if our suggestions are valid. Any comments?

One thing that also would help, would be running the process from a client installed on the physical server - This will remove any and all bottlenecks caused by the network. How many disks are your database on? - If you seperate the database on multiple physical hard drives you will get more drive-heads to work with? As to your question if adding a key on the item no for the sales invoice, I o not belive that would help, as I belive a rename will use the primary key always. (If anyone can prove me wrong, I will accept… ) And of cource 3.70 (I run SQL and cannot wouch for Native)

Annother way, would be to manually write a report (or codeunit) and then Delete and Insert records, where a re-name otherwise would have been done. Remember to do some COMMIT’s after 100 - 1000 records to free up the database while running (But do this process in a back-up copy of the database [:)] and do a full database test after, to make sure you got it all…

But what about all the item ledger entries. A delete/insert wouldn’t work.

If have simular issue with duplicate customer records. I want to get rid of the duplicates and attach all the related entries to the primary customer record. Any ideas?

I must say: I can’t feel that Navision 3.70 is faster then other versions.

I asked the same question a while ago and received some good answers. Here is the link: Hope it helps Daniel

Thank you Daniel. Good suggestions indeed. I must say however that I don’t know what to believe anymore. According to Brian Cox at Microsoft support, the RENAME function does use the primary key. Yet you’re telling me that alternate keys are used, according to your testing. Will we ever get proper documentation from Microsoft? I find that I spend too much time figuring out how it works on things that should be documented. Carmen