How to make Relation in Extended Data type

Hello Friends,

I want to know about Extended Data Type. I have created an Extended Datatype in DataDictionary in AOT. I have used String as EDT. Now when we open sub nodes we get only Array Elements and Table Referenes. As we can check in CustAccount in sub nodes we have 3 options as Array Elements , Relations and Table References.

How can get Relation options into my New EDT made by me. How can I use perform Relations as we can do on CustAccount into my newly created Extended data type.

Please can any one help me or give me steps as how can create new EDT and also can get an Relations sub node like we get an option in Cust Account EDT.

Thanks for your help. Your help is apprecited.


Hi Himanshu,

We can use EDT many purposes…when u want to any lookup in the field we can give in EDT’s …

…in normal we want lookup field we give table level relations but by using EDT directly we can get…

create EDT and relation->normal relation in the EDT give which field lookup u want…in the table level field mention the created EDT directly we can get lookup field…thats the use of relation in the EDT’s.

Coming to ArrayElements In some situations we want same fields with different lookups in that situations ArrayElements are helpful…

for EX…i want 3 address fields with 3 different lookup in that situations we create the ArrayElements…simple create EDT and give ArrayElements and relations is enough…

This is my solution

Thanks for this info. :slight_smile: