how to make navision 2009 r2 enable to copy data from excel to navision


I am Using Navision 2009 r2 . i have lots of Item No. and Qty to invoice and every time i have to put item no. in sales line. i want copy data ( Item No. , Qty ) from Excel to Navision 2009R2. How can I enable Navision System to copy data from Excel to navision.

You may use a Dataport or Excel Codeunit… And some lines of Code to take care of all the other Fields in the Sales Line Table.

What code to write and where to write for this

Do you know the Development-Environment ? I don’t think so … and then you will not be able to follow my suggestion…

But i need to do it. Please suggest

OK… Then please get a developer license and start learning Developing NAV… Maybe I am wrong, but copy and paste will not work …

Another Idea: Talk to your NAV-Dealer, I am sure they can provide this solution for small money…

Sir, I have developer Licence. can you please send or suggest NAV development Study Material.

Please send me E-Mail… And I will send you Info

Sir please send Nav Developing Learning material to xxx (email address removed by admin - read reply below).


There is really not that much real study material available for NAV. But there are many ways to get started. One way would be to buy (not copy - please support our community and those spending time writing the books) one of the many NAV development and programming books. You may also find some tips on my blog:


But it really depends on your back ground. There is a world in difference if you are a “classic” developer learning NAV or a user/consultant turning developer… [:)]


This is ideally a simple task to do if you have prior knowledge on Nav development. So if not please start by looking at the basics on this blog

Please check this link…/dd339001.aspx for the steps in creating a dataport.

I hope this helps you

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