How to make item template?

Dear all,

Does anyone know how to create item template?

I know we can create new item manually without template and assign all information needed, but I’m in a situation where item template seems to be more helpful for my case. The problem is, list of item template which is provided in a pop up window when we create new item doesn’t meet my need. I need to add my item template to those pop up item window template. Anyone know how to do this? By the way I’m using Ax 2009.



Right Click on the item on which you want to have template → Record Info → Click on User Template - Specify the name.

so when you create a new item this will appear in the popup and you can select it…

Yep, success. Thanks Kranthi.

But I guess I need one more related question to this. How to remove item template which we’ve made? [:)]

Once again, thanks Kranthi.

if you want to delete it → press alt + f9.

if you don’t want to use the template - check - Don’t ask again and OK.

It works. Thanks a lot Kranthi. [:)]

In my inventory, I have a Item group. But I want to have one item sub group also so that my reporting will be more meaning. But in inventory module i do not find any additional field to accommodate this sub group. How to solve this problem



Hi Kranthi,

By mistake client had selected the option as Don’t ask again , then during new item creation system would not popup any item template option .

Now how to enable the template option again ?

Hi lally,

Template option will automatically pop up again when you again create new template.

Hi Vishal ,

I dont want to use new one , i need to use the old template , in that case how i can re enabled the same template ?

Once you create a new one, the previous template would also be available in that popup. So you can use the previous one.

Hi Vishal ,

what i am trying to say is , assume that user created the 2 templates and user enabled the option Don’t ask me again . Now how can userenable the same templates again with creating the new one ?

( you are suggesting to create the new template , user does not want to create new template)

Hope i explained the requirement in detail.

Thanks in advance.

The response is still valid, create a new template which forces the system to ignore the “Do not ask again” and you are presented with the dialog box - just create one and then creatre a new item, reset it and then delete teh unwanted template.

Thnks adam!

I guess there is no other way by which we can enable the “Do not ask again” checkbox. So lally this is the only way, and as adam said you can delete the unwanted template from the prompt by pressing alt+f9.

Hope this would help you!!

Thanks Vishal and Steven for the answer .

hi lally,

we have a button in the record info as show template selection…

this button will be enabled only when the dont ask again check box is selected at the last time…

and we can remove the option of pop up by checking the dont ask again check box asusual…

so, by using show template selection… button in the record info pop- up we can select template which has been marked earlier…