How to make form design field properties editable?

Hi all

I have a few forms whose design field properties I want to make editable, eg if I go to AOT - Forms - CustFreeinvoice - Designs - Design - Tab - TabPageInvoice - Group:Document - DateEdit:Document_DocumentDate.

I want to make the above field mandatory - however when I go to the properties for this field I cannot amend any of the properties as they are all greyed out.

What is strange is that some forms I can amend field properties for, but others like the above form I cannot.

How do I make the field properties for the above form editable?

Many thanks for any and all help

You cannot edit anything or just properties of the fields in some groups?

Example - can you make any other changes to Forms - CustFreeinvoice?

If you want to make a field mandatory, you should modify the field and not an individual form control. If you change just one control and the field is used by multiple controls, all the other controls wouldn’t change. If you change the datasource field, all controls bound to this field will change.

By the way, you probably can’t modify the control because the Document group control is bound to a table field group and its content is generated. You would have to remove this link (the downside is that any changes to the group - such as adding an extra field - wouldn’t apply to the form automatically).

Fields in some groups are editable but others are not. Didnt think to check other groups before. Any way to make this particular group editable?

Hi, i only need this field on this particular form to be mandatory, not anywhere else it may be used. I have just checked and some other groups for this form have fields that are editable but the fields in this group are not

Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about. I mean the form datasource field, not the underlying table.

One table can be used by multiple datasources in multiple forms. I mean changing one of these datasources.

Then a datasource field can be bound to multiple form controls, such as one on the Overview tab and one on the General tab. You want to change just one of them, while I’m proposing a solution which covers all such controls in a single form.

It seems that whenever a form group has property AutoDataGroup set to Yes then the fields within that group can have their properties amended. If AutoDataGroup is set to No then I cannot amend the field properties within that group. Would you know what this group property (AutoDataGroup) does and can i changed it from Yes to No? What would it affect?

I believe it’s covered by my previous reply.

Im new to this and your reply is not very explicit? Are you saying that I need to change the AutoDataGroup setting for this group to Yes?

Changing the AutoDatagroup will have impact. If any changes are done to that group at table level then they will not be automatically applied on the form, you need to redo it on the form as well (example - adding or removing fields from that field group).

Rather build your validation using code in validateWrite method of the form data source.