How to make connection between NAV 2009 on terminal server and outlook on the local machines?

I’m new to NAV, make a research, but I can find, that everybody mentioning ‘the TS is going to be very tricky when it comes to synchronising with Outlook on local machines’… But haven’t found any decision yet.

We’re using NAV 2009 Classic Client (exclusively) and use a Terminal Server to run NAV. All other programs (especially Outlook and Office) are installed on their local machines.

When NAV and Outlook run on the same machine everything is just fine, but not when Outlook runs on the local machine and NAV runs on a Terminal Server session.

Could anyone help me?

Hi Anna,

Welcome to the user group! I hope that we can help you.

First I would like to know what kind of “outlook integration” from NAV that you are using? Just emails?

they want to send purchase orders by e-mail to the vendor

And open and view in Outlook before sending?

If yes, then I am not familiar with any other ways of doing it, than also installing Outlook on the terminal server.

If no, then consider changing the emails to use SMTP when sending, which doesn’t require Outlook installed.

Yep, they need Outlook for some extra options.

They’re using SMTP right now and from other hand they don’t want to install Outlook on the Terminal server.

Thank you

I thought so. The two clients (office and nav) should really be on the same Windows. And that’s often some of the challenges we see, when customers start hosting part of their setup in the cloud and some on premise also. You really need to run use the “thin” RTC clients and then have the NAV client on the PC too.