How to make a variable sum ?


I’m on Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 ans i want to make a sum of variable.

I had try to make this with C/AL. But it doesn’t worked.

My Code :

MontantHT := Quantity * “Unit Price”;

TotalHT += MontantHT; ( This line doesn’t Work )

NetHT := TotalHT - “Line Discount Amount”;

TVA := “VAT %” * NetHT;

Thanks in advance

ps : I had try CurrReport.CreateTotals() but it doesn’t worked

Where did you write above code and what do you mean by not working?

Is it showing 0 only or wring total?

What did you write in visual studio?

Hello, thanks for replay.

I had write this code in the “OnAfterGetRecord” section.

In visual studio i had set the value to " =Fields!TotalHT.Value"

And when i run the report there is " 0 "

Did you check the value in Dataset result? i.e., About This report?

I’m sorry, it’s not write 0. It’s just have the “MontantHT” about the first line. There is not the second, the sum doesn"t work.

My About Page :

To help you, i want to make the sum of (187.1+346.3) and it only make the sum of the first line (187.1


Please follow my blog carefully.

You have pressed About this Page at wrong place…

Ohh sorry. The values on the TotalHT column are " 0 ". I have three rows (Ok compare to the invoice sale)

Write a message in your code and check what you are getting while running

MontantHT := Quantity * “Unit Price”;

TotalHT += MontantHT; ( This line doesn’t Work )


NetHT := TotalHT - “Line Discount Amount”;

TVA := “VAT %” * NetHT;

Did you try by adding “=SUM(Fields!MontantHT.Value)” in visual studio?

My problem is solved ! Thanks to your blog post !

I have tried “=SUM(Fields!MontantHT.Value)” yesterday and it works but i don’t want to make in this way.

I want to have variable to reduce code in expression value. I reuses formulas and end it there’s a huge line that’s why i prefere variable :slight_smile:

Solution :

C/AL ==> TotalHT += MontantHT;

Visual Studio Expression value : Last(Fields!TotalHT.Value)