How to Make a String field as unique field.....?

Hello All,

Want to have a String Field in AX Table and it should not allow duplicate values or data

Eg :

  1. AATR01

  2. AATR01 if I am trying to save the 2nd record it should throw an error and 2nd record should not get saved

any Ideas

Thanks In Advance

You can make a string field as unique by making the index in that table and it should consist the same field.Please ensure that allow duplicate property for this index must be no.You can take help from InventTable table , ItemId field, ItemIdx index .

hi Bobby,

You can refer VInay’s solution and also you can try this to make it mandatory…

To make the string field as unique you need to set in the property sheet of that corrresponding field to Mandatory property = YES.