How to maintain the scarpped items in AX 2009


After the production process, while updating Report as Finsihed (Production → Common Forms → Production Order Details → Update button → Report as Finished).

In the Error Quantity field if i specify as 2, in a case where ordered Quantity is 4 - Out of which 2 quantity are defective (i.e.) Error Quantity.

In which warehouse the Scrapped or Defect Quantity will be updated. and in Onhand form of AX 2009 these scarp details can be viewed or not if we specify a scarp warehouse.

And also how to link the defective/scrap items with the warehouse.

A separate warehouse for Scarp items has to be created or not.

Kindly do update me regarding this.

Thanks in Advance,

D.Praveen Kumar.

No it does not book scrap in. You should see this when you look at the transactions against the production order.