How to login?? If Assigned the SUper(data) role to all the users without providing the role all.


We are using navision 4.0 with lsretail with native database and sql server. In the client we are using native database. While providing the securities by mistake the role SUPER(data) assigned to all the users(including super) and not assigned the Role All. Now we are unable to login? how to login and use the database?

Please help me how to solve this problem and run the database.


delete users in sql server

and then you connect to database through navision

so you can be super user


Thanks for the reply. But here, we are using the client with native database and replicating the data to sql server through internet. The client is not directly connected to the server.

Please give me the solutions asap.

Thanks and regards.


Just log in as SUPER - and change the permissions.