How to load values in combo?

Hi All,

I have added three drop-down fields(field1,field2,field3) in customer .I want to fetch data on that three fields from one table (Master) using where condition. Please give me a suggestion how it can possible?

Thanks in Advance


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Do you want to do it in Navision or Sql Server query??

Hi Amol,

I have to required load values in combo of customer form from my new table .So I want to do it in Navision using .net code or another process. Thanks for the reply



Hi Surajit,

you cannot use .net in navision since it is using C/Al code.

you can call procedure in sql also.

Hi Raj ,

I know we can’t use .net direct but i think we can call .net library using C/AL code .

How it can be possible to load data from my table in Combo of Customer using procedure?

Can you told me what is the procedure which can load the data in combo?



Use Web Services.

Hi Amol ,

Don’t mind i am new developer of NAV . I know how to add customer/SalesOrder using web service.But i don’t know how to load data in combo from my table using web-service .Please help me how to load data in combo from my table or give me any link from which i can understand .



hey u can write all ur call code in codeunit and then call that codeunit through web serivce…