How to Load License

Dear all, I have problem about License. In my server, I already have a license, let’s say “License A”, but I want my client when access the server doesn’t get “License A” automatically, I want he use “License B” that get from his own computer (Locally). Can anyone help me to solve this problem?, can I use a ms.DOS script such as batch file to run fin.exe with “License B” ( this License is in client computer and not in server). Thanks for helping

The client uses the license installed on the client only to check if the client has the right to run under the clients OS and if he is allowed to connect to the server. The server loads its license only at startup, and he is using it for all clients. There is no way to use one license on the server for client a and another one for client b. What do you want to do?

Murry: I have no idea about yor intensions, but you have to ensure that a NAVISION client uses a license that at least has the equal rights than your server license. If your client license has more rights than your server license that won´t extend your server license. Regards Alarich

There’s no solution for your problem, but what can help temporarily is: To login under a User ID with “SUPER” access to the database and change license(with the one you want to use) and log out**(Important: Don’t close the Application totally. Keep the Menubar window open).** As long as the window is open, he can work in the application with new license, but if he closes, the above step needs to be repeated.

On the server: Stop the server, copy the new license file to the server directory, start the server. On the client. Install the demo license file, by renaming the cronus.flf to fin.flf. When the client connects to the server, the license permissions from the server is read by the client. This way the license file is only stored in one place - on the server - out of reach from the users.

If you want to use a license A on the server and a license B on the client, just do as follows: install license A on the server. Connect the client (it will get license A). go Tools->License Information->Change Choose license B It will disconnect from the server. Connect again to the server. You’ll be using license B. Regards

Mr. Pertierra, thanks for helping. I know this, but I want automatically change the license, because at client I didn’t allow change the license (user permissions). Thanks

Can you tell us why any one user needs, by default, to use a different license to all other users? Maybe then there are some other solution??