How to load Child table data from master table when select a data from lookup ?

Hi expert ,

I have a

Master Table : WebSiteMaster { WCode(Code) , WName(Text)}

child Table : ‘ItemWebsite’ { ID(integer) , WCode(Code) , WName(Text) ,LineNo(Integer) ,ItemNo(code) }

Parent Table : Item (NAV table)

I have created tabular forms for those tables.Child table lookupFormID is WebSiteMaster .ItemWebsite form is linked as sub form in Item of Navision. Its working fine .Now i want to load data from master table when select any websitecode for this respective websitecode WebSiteName will be loaded and No field value of item will be loaded in ItemNo and LineNo value calculate automatically .What is be the process/Configuration required for this?



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Hi Amol,

I have to required same as Sales line item like when i select a item DocNo , Items details and LineNo are loaded automatically.I can’t understant where is code added for this requirement? Please help where we can see this code ?

Hi All,

Please help how to configure and where need to be configure ?



Hi Expert,

Please help what is the process ? i am a new NAV developer.