How to list all Navision Databases on a SQL Server

My Problem : I need a SQL Statement in form of :

Use (1)

Select name from (2) where (3)

1 I don’t know which systemdatabase to use

2 I don’t know which table includes the list of Navison-databases

3 how to set the condition ‘only navisiondatabases’

System : SQL 2012

i find my own way …

first i get a list of all databases

then i test the existing of [database].[dbo].[user]

then i test the existing of the user 'super" in [database].[dbo].[user]

if this all pased then a navison database ist found …

Of course, assuming you don’t have a database without a user called SUPER.

further discussion on :

there ist also a way for databases without a user called “super”