how to link items to their item groups or item model groups

hi every one,

Please help me to link released items to their item groupe or item model groupe,

I can do that, but it takes a lot of time cause I know how to link a product to inventory dimension or item group manually one by one.

I don’t know if there is a solution to link items to their item model group in one time

Thak you :slight_smile:

You can use Fill utility function to update a field value for a set of records.

Focus on Item group field of any product>Right click>Record Info> click “Fill utility” button

You will see a form, query the needed products and proceed.

Note: Try it in your test first.

Hi …

Just in case, I have found this relating to AX2012, R2:

Reason for deprecation The Fill Utility is being deprecated for several reasons:

- The tool does not run any validation checks prior to executing commands. This can result in data corruption.
- SQL can be used to update multiple records much more efficiently and accurately. Putting this power in the hands of an SQL database administrator will help ensure data integrity.
Replaced by another feature Yes. The feature has been removed and replaced by the use of standard SQL updates



thank’s brother I will try it :slight_smile:

Thanks Martin for throwing the light on this.

@Zoheir - you should think twice before using it. In my opinion, you can use it if you dont have any transactions posted to these items. or if you decided to use then make sure your data is not going to be corrupted.

Thank’s guys

I work on test Machine, so I can delete the transactions and try what you gave me as a solution.

Thank you.