How to link Field in 2 tables?

I have 2 tables (name as A & B). I need to link a field in table A to a field in table B. I have set the tablerelation of this field to the field name in table B. However, it didn’t work. When i tried the same to other existing table, it works. How can i solve that problem?

What is the connection between the two tables?

May be, that you have no Lookup FORM defined on the table…[8D]

If you want to define the table relation in a field of Table A with a field of Table B, then the field of table B should be the Primary key

Anagha Saha: The field in table B that i link is the key, i have checked it with view keys. However, it still din work. Sacek: I just link the data within 2 tables with just change the tablerelation in table B, i din use form to design yet. Jonathan Revell: What do u mean by connection between the tables? The connection is like parent and child. For example, i want to select field “salesman code” from table “sales order”.

wting5 - how do you know that it isn’t working? [:D] If you don’t setup the lookup form ID property you won’t be able to use the assist edit button. Djangman

I want to link it in the table only. What to do with the form ID lookup property? I dont understand what u mean. Can u explain?

If you want to have possibility to go to the field in table A, click lookup button to open list of values from table B, select the value and fill it into field in table A, you must define LookupForm on table B otherwise you have lookup button on field in table A but if you click on it, nothing is showed and you cannot select the values from table B…

The easiest thing to do is to create a list form for all of your tables. That list form can double as your lookup form. Once you have the ID of the form for your loopup table that’s the value you put into the tables LookupFormID. That way anytime you create a tablerelation to that table Navision knows what form to use to show the records in that table. Are you trying some development without using your NSC?