How to learn Navision- Any free resources on web...?

Hi Experts,

I’m trying to learn Navison , but i didn’t get any resources on the internet.

I’m working in .NET from last 3 years…

Can anybody help me to learn Navision .please…?

Any free resources on the web…???

Thanks in advance


Well so you’re a developer and want to learn to develop in Navision (or Dynamics NAV as Microsoft calls it now)?

And you want help to learn to do that?

Firstly before you start you need a developers license. Only resellers and implementers get this from Microsoft. So unless you work for one already, then you have an issue here! If you have a Microsoft MSDN subscription then you can also download the system here, including a limited license - but it’s enough for you to learn the basics.

But resources online. There are many. But the best ones to start with are the ones you find on the on the CD, the application guide’s and the development guides. With your background then that’s the best to start with. Otherwise I would recommend you to take one of Microsoft’s basic development courses. And then work on to take the development certifications.

You can always expect to find help and advises here on this site. Just remember to use the search before asking the questions. With over 80000 old posts, there is a chance that someone else have asked the same question before.

In partnersource there are several training manuals, check there.

this forum is awesome for new bie :slight_smile:

another forum for microsoft navision is