How to learn Axapta and do Customization...


I am new in Axapta. I use to develop small functinalities earlier using shared folder in Axapta. I have not worked on it from a long time.

Can any one can suggest me the steps I should go through so that I can learn Axapta AX starting from basic concepts till using of Axapta i.e From User end also from Customization point of view. My main focus is to do Customization and add functionalities in axapta.

I would be thankful if some one can guide me and provide me some books or way I can start from stratch and then go ahead step by step and learn the operations of axapta i.e using into business and understanding its concepts and also able to do Modifications and Customizations.

Please its very much urgent and I need help.

Thanks in Advance.


Hi Himanshu,

I hope you are using AX 2009 and following books are very useful for you;

1. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Programming Getting Started

2. Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

3. AX CookBook

I would like to suggest you to start with ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Programming Getting Started’ . This blog also very helpful and you can find many AX Gurus here.

Happy DAXing…

Hi Himanshu,

This subject was already discussed here. If you search, you will find very valuable suggestions and tips.