How to know the report running behind any Form

Hi, I am new to axapta development, Please can anybody tell me, what is the easiest way to know the report name which is run by the system during SalesOrder/ PurchaseOrder generation to customize the reports. Thanks Faisal

Faisal , Its very simple just follow the following steps. Go to the screen from where you run the report. Right clickk on the screen and go to the SETUP. In the SETUP fin dthe name of the form. GO to the AOT and look for the form or directly go to the form for the setup screen. Expand on the design and look for the Button which you click to run the report. Look at the properties of the Button to find the report being run in the background. Lets look at an example. .Go to the Sales order screen.Click on Inquires and then INVOICE. On the next screen right click go to SETUP the form name shown is custInvoiceJour. Go to the form and expand till you can see the button in the design which is used see the invoice Look at the properties it says MenuItemType-Output MenuItemName-salesinvoiceoriginal. Then look at the properties of the Menuitem as aboveā€¦ It says Class-Report Object-SalesInvoice This means this menuitem is running the salesInvoice report. The other option is once you get experienced with the naming convention.You can quickly find the report .The names are very intitutive in AXAPTA.