How to know navision version ???

Hello, How is possible to know the version of a native DB Navision ?? On about box, I see : Version FR 2.01.A (3.70) I think it’s a 2.01 DB with a 3.7 executables Is it true or not ?? My (bad ?) NSC say me that it’s bad, it’s a 3.7 DB

Hi Geoffrey, You are right. Your solution is a French 2.01A DB, opened with a 3.70-client. regards Alexander

Humm… is this really an event? [:p] [:D]

You also can see the database version in Codeunit 1, function ApplicationVersion (this is what is shown in the About-Box). P.S.: It could be useful to modify exact this expression to show e.g. which Hotfixes are installed, as this is not updated by the HF itself. Regards,

Thx And I don’t see 3.70 object … My NSC is … No, it’s not an event …, it’s the first time I post new topic with new forum, and I think, i click on bad link ;/ Sorry