How to know a table is Locked or not?

Hello Friends,

I work for a company where most of reports have been take out in excel sheets, because of this the Excel Buffer table remains locked most of time and the end users get error message “The another user has been locked the table wait until…”. If you have any solution to prevent this problem then suggest me.

Thanks in advance.

The excel buffer table is meant to be used as a temporary variable, and you will never have locking problems that way.

Hello Trilok,

I had a problem related to really bad performace and often crashes while exporting to excel the Analisys by Dimension.

What I did is to create an excel spreadsheet linked via ODBC and export the data without using the NAV client.

I don’t know if you can reuse this approach.


i dont get this…

we use excel buffer to temporarily store report data while report is still in process. the reason we get this issue of locking is when we initialize excel buffer at pre-report and enter the report filters into it and then wait for report to process to enter the report output into it. i believe here the excel table is kept locked for other…can u confirm this is how Nav works

In C/AL code, the Excel Buffer table is used in a variable. This variable should be set as a temporary variable (open locals/globals, look at properties and set the ‘Temporary’ property to ‘Yes’). Because that way the data is not actually stored in the database, because it lives in the session’s memory, you will never have locking issues.