How to integrate Fixed asset in module project

Hi all,

Does any one know how to integrate Fixed asset in module project management and accounting ?

my project type is Investment. I have set it, but when i go to the FA number and the FA’s value is not acquired.

I have follow the step in module project for advance manual

Do i miss some set up ?

Thanks in advance



Hi Rudy,

Are you looking for updating the FA(acquisition) from the investment project? Like when the project is end then it should be converted into a Fixed asset?


Hi Pranav,

I’ve already click the finished in project stage, but nothing happen in my fixed asset number.

Is there any set up like purchasing ?

Thanks in advance




Please show me the step, so the project can integrate to Fixed asset.

For your information, i use new FA number to registered in project.

Thanks in advance



Hi Buddy,

As per my knowledge, I can say that, we can able to attach the fixed asset number only to the Project Types (Internal, Investment or Cost). Edit any your Projects that project types should/must be (Internal, Investment or Cost) and then select a fixed asset number under setup tab in projects. So that your current fixed assets can attached to your Project Module.

To view that attachment, follow below steps:

  1. From the

Fixed assets form, select the fixed asset you want.

  1. Expand the

Associated Projects FactBox.

  1. Click a project within the list to open the

Projects form, and then the projects associated with the fixed asset will be displayed.

Hope it will helps your query.